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Legislative Affairs

South Carolina Lawyers Skilled in Government Affairs

Experience in federal class actions, telecommunications matters and civil rights actions

Dealing with the legal side of legislative affairs can be a delicate matter. A law firm must carefully balance their use of the law with politics. At Woodward Cothran & Herndon, our attorneys work closely with individuals, corporations and groups to see that their voices are heard in government through legislation and regulations. We bring more than 30 years of legal experience and a background in dealing with federal class actions, telecommunications matters and civil rights actions.

Our experience extends to many areas of legislative affairs:

  • Creating a plan for your group
  • Delivering your message
  • Preparing for testimony
  • Drafting position papers
  • Dealing with the media
  • Creating and altering legislation
  • Monitoring regulatory activity

Law firm lobbied South Carolina Legislature on insurance issues

Lobbying the South Carolina Legislature on insurance issues is just one example of our work in the field of legislative affairs. We carefully work for your interests while negotiating and sometimes creating new legislation. We believe the government should reflect the changing needs of the people and businesses in this country, and we strive to represent those needs.

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